Agriculture is a significant part of Utah County’s heritage. As Utah County continues to grow, it will be ever more difficult to provide sources of local food that are sufficient to feed even a fraction of Utah County’s rapidly growing population. The population of Utah County is predicted to double by 2040. Certain fruits and vegetables can only be grown in areas where the microclimate is favorable—in Utah, many of these areas are in Utah County.

Utah County has the land, water, knowledge, and ability to produce local food. However, current trends present some challenges, including the loss of agricultural land and water to residential and commercial development. Food-producing land is currently being developed at a rate that will leave no irrigated land in the future to grow fruit and vegetables. Utah County needs to preserve resources so that agriculture can survive and even thrive. This will require strategic action.

This toolbox contains optional recommendations from the Utah County Agriculture Toolbox Steering Committee to the Utah County Commissioners, the Utah County Planning Commission, the county’s cities, and county residents who hope to sustain and promote agricultural lands, water, and practices.