As more land on the edges of Salt Lake County continues to be developed, a significant amount of growth and development will shift southward into Utah County. Certain crops can only be grown in areas with specific microclimates commonly found in Utah County; however, much of this land is directly in the path of future growth.


Through Envision Utah’s Your Utah, Your Future community surveying and visioning process it became clear that Utahns are very concerned about the state’s agricultural future. In 2007, almost one third of Utahns did not have a strong opinion about farming and ranching. By 2014, however, three quarters of Utahns agreed that farming and ranching are critical to Utah’s future. 


There are many programs, grants, and other resources available to Utah County agricultural producers. The above document lists organizations, agencies, and offices working to benefit farmers and ranchers and showcases example programs or grants. This resource is meant to be a jumping-off point for aspiring and existing farmers and ranchers looking to benefit their farm operations; it is not, however, a comprehensive list.

Download complete and abridged versions of the Utah County Agriculture Toolbox using the links below.